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Testimonies Posted on YouTube October 21, 2008

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It is quite refreshing to hear testimonies from our former students.  We received these testimonies from three of them which they posted on our PowerMemory ANC Demo Video on YouTube.


“I was a former student in PowerMemory located in taft near padre faura. Thanks to them I got higher grades and without them I coudn’t achieve what I have today..☺..thanks a lot..hmMm..can i enroll again???” Kalasag13


“ahaha, took up this class last summer, and WOW, i got 90+ in all my grades (considering i’m a sophomore in high school *biology*) REALLY helped me, and a good way to bum time around with friends. it’s like you’re david blaine when you do this demo, but hey, it’s actually fun! haha.” Chris Nuevo


“super cool:) yeah! i had a chance to take this course last summer…and now.. my grades have improved.. a lot:)” Trixie052002


Biologist Pushes Memory Power September 26, 2008

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We have been featured once more in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  This was published last September 21, 2008 in the actual paper and September 20, 2008 on their website.



By Maricar Cinco
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:58:00 09/20/2008


LOS BAÑOS, Laguna, Philippines—Turning what used to be his waterloo to an advantage was how 36-year-old Ernie Aragon Jr. developed his unique memory technique.

He is no longer just the guy who can round off Pi to the nearest hundredth digit or memorize 40 items in a minute. He has gone on to establish Power Memory Franchising Inc. (PMFI).  Read the rest of the story…

How to Memorize Like a Genius Seminar June 25, 2008

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Give Yourself and Your Child the Memory Advantage

How to Memorize Like a Genius seminar

Featuring: Power Memory Founder
Ernie Aragon Jr.

on October 25, 2008

at the Power Memory Office
Unit 2008 Prestige Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Registration Fee: PhP1600

For Registration and Inquiry

look for Janet:
Call: (02) 706 0229
Text: (0917) 829 4800
Email: powermemory@motivation-coach.com

7 Reasons Why Students and Professionals Need to Take the Power Memory Courses

1. You score higher on exams (40-60% of the questions are usually memory based)

2. You gain the competitive edge in school and at work because many people are not good in memorization
3. You have more career options. You may choose to pursue memory intensive careers like medicine or nursing…
4. You have more free time for rest, recreation and other pursuits because it will take you less time to remember more.
5. You spend less on reviews because you have already retained a lot of what you studied in the first place.
6. It is an investment that will benefit you for life.
7. Affordable for excellent quality learning

Don’t let this great opportunity pass! Call now!

Call (02) 706 0229
Text (0917) 829 4800

Email: powermemory@motivation-coach.com

Learn Japanese Words Quickly and Easily January 18, 2008

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One application of Power Memory is in learning unfamiliar and foreign sounding vocabulary.  These include scientific terms, technical terms, various jargon and foreign vocabulary.  Check out the FREE site we made for building a strong Japanese vocabulary using just two of the many PowerMemory techniques.

Go to the EnglishJapaneseWords site »

Power Memory FAQ January 8, 2008

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What is PowerMemory?

PowerMemory is a revolutionary learning system that equips people with superb memory skills designed to store, retain and recall information quickly, efficiently, systematically, and in a stress-free manner. The Program is delivered in a fun and game-oriented/workshop environment designed to allow each student the experience of rediscovering the joy of learning.


Who invented the System?

The system was developed by a former microbiology instructor (University of the Philippines) named Ernie Aragon, Jr. He was able to formulate the unique memory-enhancing system after extensive research about “memory disciplines” which spanned from the early works of Simonides (500 B.C.) to those of the later memory gurus in the US, Australia and Europe (1700’s to present day).


Who can learn PowerMemory?

Anybody who has the DESIRE to improve their memory, the DISCIPLINE to complete the requirements and looks forward to the DELIGHT granted by PowerMemory, CAN learn the System. Simplified, anyone who is sincere in wanting to improve himself or herself through PowerMemory can learn the System.


Who teaches the System?

The System is shared (not taught) by certified memory coaches who themselves have undergone intensive memory training directly under Mr. Aragon himself. Unlike teachers who impart information, memory coaches share the ability to process almost any type of information in order that it may be quickly and easily absorbed.


What is the IQ level requirement of an enrollee?

No specific IQ level is required to learn the system. Any sensible person who can sit down, listen and enjoy himself is accepted. The system is more dependent on the person’s attitude.


Does PowerMemory require drugs/medications to be taken to improve memory?

There are NO drugs or any form of medication administered. It is purely a learning technique that evolves into a measurable skill.


What is the minimum/maximum age allowed?

The program caters to people from as young as 8 years old to as old as 80 years old. The age limit is only given due to the attention factor, but technically any person who can read and converse normally still CAN learn.


What makes PowerMemory different from other memory disciplines?

PowerMemory focuses first on the attitudes of the learner which is often the primary thing that would limit one’s full potential. It also incorporates NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to specific areas of learning which facilitates a change to a positive attitude. Through experimentation and testing of application in different fields, the program evolved into a unique memory discipline that is way beyond the traditional memory systems. Furthermore, Power Memory is highly fun and interactive as compared to other systems which are taught only through books and videos.

Where are the classes conducted?

Classes or Training Sessions are conducted in schools, offices and training centers accredited by PowerMemory.


When was the system created/formulated?

The PowerMemory System was conceived in 1994 but was fully systematized in mid 1999.


When is the best time to enroll?

Anytime is the best time to learn Power Memory. But according to the improvement averages of those who have completed the basic course, teenagers carry the most impressive results in memory improvement.


How did it all start?

It all started when a college professor of the creator commented, “You know, Ernie, you are good in comprehension and analysis but are lazy when it comes to memorizing.” From that moment on, Ernie began his pursuit of “trained memory” systems which later on gave birth to PowerMemory.


How long does it take for me to learn the techniques?

It depends on the age of the learner. The whole fundamental system can be learned by an adult in about 20 hours. This 20-hour stretch can be taken from between 4 to 10 days. The program for the younger learners will take a little longer. There are more advanced stages that can be taken afterwards and all would roughly take the same amount of time.


How can I be sure that my memory will improve?

We are so sure that a person’s memory will improve so much that we put a guarantee. If in two hours, your memory does not improve or you feel that it is not something you could appreciate, then you are entitled to a full refund.



A PowerMemory Practitioner Has More Thinking Time

At times when you attempt to remember a list of items, key points, important figures or formulas, you usually spend hours of study/review time just to master that information by going about it over and over again. PowerMemory cuts down the time it takes to process that information. With Power Memory, you will spend only minutes with what used to take hours, thus freeing your time to maximize your analytical and cognitive skills.


Boost Overall Academic Performance

Power Memory is a program that has the distinction of having broad applications in almost every subject offered in school including: Math (equations, formulas); English & Lingustic subjects (vocabulary, grammar rules); social studies (dates, names), Biology, Physics & Chemistry (scientific terms, tables, formulas); and more.

Power Memory Branches and Locations January 8, 2008

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3rd Level New Wing Alabang Town Center

Alabang Muntinlupa City


Email Address: powermemory_alabang@yahoo.com






FASTPREP (beside Jollibee Junction), Lopez Ave.,

Los Baños, Laguna

Tel No.: (049)536-4851

Email: earagonjr@gmail.com



Unit 206, 2/F CRV Building

Felix Avenue corner Karangalan DriveCainta, Rizal

Tel. No.:  (02)647-9653 Telefax: (02)240-4691

Email Address: powermemorycainta@yahoo.com


Power Memory Demo December 5, 2007

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